6 Reasons You May Be Gaining Weight

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If you are gaining weight suddenly, the most obvious reasons could be bad eating habits and lifestyle problems. However, underlying health issues may also be an important contributing factor to such sudden weight gains. So if your Body Mass Index (BMI) suddenly shoots up, it’s not only a matter of weight gain. You may also be developing certain health conditions or even eating disorders without being consciously aware about them.


Top 6 Reasons for Gaining Weight:

1. Your Thyroid Is Underperforming
An underactive thyroid might be the culprit behind your sudden increase in BMI. It means that the thyroid gland is not secreting enough hormones, which ensure natural regulation of your metabolic system. Though weight gain due to thyroid malfunction is most common among elderly women, it can affect any person at any age. The most common symptoms of an underactive thyroid are:

A chilly sensation

Muscle cramp, dry skin

Numbness or a tingling sensation at finger tips
Lack of libido


6 reasons for Gaining weight

Thyroid Facts

If you experience sudden weight gain or some of these above mentioned symptoms alongside sudden increase in your BMI, then consult a physician.

2. Your May Have Diabetes
It is difficult to predict diabetes at the initial stage. However, if you witness sudden rise in your body weight then you might want to get your blood sugar level checked. Moreover, in several cases people, suffering from diabetes and using insulin injection for treatment, become overweight. It indicates that their daily insulin dosages are not sufficient for controlling blood sugar level. If such is the case, you should talk to your doctor immediately so they can revise the treatment procedure.

3. You Are Not Controlling Your Portions
It is truly commendable that you have been strictly following a healthy dietary practice. However, if you overeat even the healthiest food items in your list, then chances are that they are rapidly adding to your excess body weight problem. Gaining Weight Items such as, avocado, dark chocolate, oatmeal, peanut butter and quinoa may be nutritious but eating them in excess boosts your BMI.

4. You Suffer From Chronic Depression
Despite leading a healthy lifestyle, patients of chronic depression are usually prone to weight gaining problem. Experts indicate that more than 25 percent patient, undergoing depression therapy, tend to gain weight. If you are looking forward to lose weight naturally, then consult your therapist before he/she prescribes you medications. Most of these items are either appetite enhancers, meaning you eat a lot or they kill your natural appetite, leading to increase in the storage of unused calories.

5. Fluid Retention or Edema
Sudden weight gain, in many cases, is the result of fluid retention or edema. It means your body is accumulating fluid, which leads to swelling of body parts and weight gain.

6. Muscle Decay Due To Aging
The natural decay of your muscles with age can be one of the drivers of the sudden weight gain. As we become old, the muscles in our bodies either become inactive or they slowly lose their natural tenaciousness. Muscles are calorie absorbers and the loss of muscle volume implies the natural process of calorie burning gets slower.

In your journey to pursue the best way to lose weight, you may feel frustrated at not seeing satisfactory results. This is why it’s important to know why the weight gain is happening. If you know the root cause behind gaining weight, half the battle is won!

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