Simple Solutions For A Day-To-Day Life

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  • 2 Years ago
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1. Use honey to soothe a sore throat: A natural antibacterial and anti fungal agent, honey can help coat and soothe sore throats and alleviate minor coughs.

2. Blow-dry waterlogged ears: Put a hair dryer on the gentlest setting and hold it a few inches away from your ear. The increased airflow will help to evaporate the water in your ear.

3. Smile to make yourself happier: Scientists have found that the simple act of smiling can lower blood pressure and release stress, giving you an instant mood boost (yes, even forced smiles count!).

4. Use ginger to prevent motion sickness: Twenty minutes before travel, take two capsules of powdered ginger to ease an upset stomach caused by motion sickness.

5. Squeeze lemon to erase pimples: Banish breakouts by dabbing a little lemon juice on problem areas — its antibacterial properties will help kill excess bacteria and reduce acne.
6. Inhale onion vapors for sinus relief: Chop up an onion, put it in a bowl and inhale the onion fumes. The vapor helps open sinus passageways, providing relief from sinus pressure.
 7. Cure hiccups with peanut butter: Chewing and swallowing the sticky spread will interrupt your breathing pattern and force your diaphragm to relax.
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