Mindful Eating Can Help You Stay Slim

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Mindful eating, according to dieticians and nutritionists, is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) and keep away obesity related risks. Professionals have found that people often don’t follow a healthy eating habit. A healthy eating habit, according to them, is not solely about maintaining a healthy diet. It also involves one’s emotional involvement in the process of eating. In most cases, we tend to be preoccupied with our favourite TV shows, stories others are sharing at the table, the recent bestseller we’ve started reading or an awesome game on the mobile. The problem of being preoccupied with these distractions is that it stops people from paying attention to the experience of eating.

The aesthetic of eating demands our sensory involvement such as, relishing the food while seeing it, enjoying the smell, driving pleasure from the taste and a feeling of being full and content. This leads to an array of physiological and emotional responses and most people finish their dinners while they remain entirely unmindful about these responses.

The Problem of Eating Mindlessly
Reluctant eating habit may lead to severe physical problems in the long run. Dieticians cite this problem as one of the major reason for gaining unwanted body weight. People, who don’t eat mindfully, often end up:
– Eating a lot, more than their respective capacity, and encounter digestive disorder.
– Nibbling their food without really eating anything – their appetite remains and leads to slowing the metabolism.
– Finishing meals too quickly, disputing the coordination between the digestive system and the brain. It takes longer to digest food and your body takes time to understand whether the amount of food you have eaten is enough or not.
– Being prone to eating disorders in future.
Eating Disorder May Lead to Obesity: Did You Know That?
It has been found that in several cases, people suffer from issues related to obesity due to an eating disorder caused by a prolonged habit of eating mindlessly. If you are already suffering from these issues and looking forward to get back to healthy living, start paying attention to your eating habits. You may come across scores of information that tells you how to reduce weight at home, but they won’t be effective unless you change your attitude towards eating first.

How to Develop a Habit of Mindful Eating?
If you think erratic and unhealthy eating habits are leading to your weight gain, then consider the following tips that will help you develop a healthy and mindful eating habit:
Include mealtime within your list of priorities – take at least 15 minutes to relish your food while
consuming it.

– Avoid distractions of all sorts, such as watching TV obsessively, working on your computer, finishing a meal inside your car or eating while you are on the phone.
– Schedule your mealtime in a fashion that you won’t be interrupted or you don’t have to rush.
– Stop stuffing in if your mouth is full already – chew your food properly
– Don’t keep eating till you’re too full.
Mindful eating is your first major step towards getting back to slim and trim shape. Start preparing yourself today and enjoy a healthy future.

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