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How to maintain your weight during Festival Season

  • by ReduceTalwalkars
  • 1 year ago
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How to maintain your weight during Festival Season

Festival season is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate! Festivals are incomplete without sweets and culinary delights. It’s practically impossible to restrict yourselves from eating when you have a feast right in front of you. However, with a little bit of self control, you can avoid those extra calories. Here’s how:

Never skip meals
The most important point to save yourself from a calorie overload is to never skip meals. Avoid long breaks; maintain the short frequent meal pattern. This helps in maintaining the metabolic rate of the body and also keeps hunger at bay. Importantly, eat in small portions.

Light dinner recommended
If you are going to stay up all night and party, then do not leave your house without having a dinner – preferably light. This will not only help you consume less extra calories when you are celebrating but also keep you from over eating.

Drink sufficient water:
Drink a glass of water right before snacking. It’ll help you stay hydrated. It’s a fact that drinking water helps control your cravings.

Stock fruits and veggies:
Fruit Platter is the best choice for maintaining weight. It helps in flushing out toxins from your body and also the antioxidants present in fruits helps in lowering the cholesterol.

Stay away from sugary foods:
Keep away from the real devil, carb loaded foods. They are your main cause for weight gain. All the cakes, pastries, sweets and junk that you want to gorge on are your real threat. You can eat, but enjoy it in moderation. Include snacks that are not only less in calories but also good source of healthy vitamins like cooked vegetable, nuts etc, that will keep your energy levels pumped up and help you enjoy the festivities without hitches.

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How Maintain your Weight during Festival Season
While following these points don’t forget another important one, sleep. Sleep is extremely essential for your body to maintain a balance and function efficiently. There’s no fun at festivities without ample rest, after all who can have maximum fun when you are drop dead tired? So at least, get the minimum rest required for your body. So, let’s celebrate healthy!

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