Importance of Sleep : 3 Health Benefits of Sleep

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A sound sleep is extremely essential for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep provides you with the required rest that your body needs for efficient functioning. Sleep helps restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones. This is a generation where sound sleep is compromised for few extra hours of work, projects and entertainment. Lack of sleep results in a tired body and also causes drowsiness, irritability and puts you at a risk of a number of health diseases. Despite it’s importance, healthy sleep is neglected by many. Here are a few reasons why a good night’s sleep is important.


Getting a good night’s sleep strengthens connections between brain cells and transfers information from one brain region to another, improving memory. Sleep is required for your brain to process and retain information over a long period of time. When your body has received the necessary amount of rest, it is charged up for the day’s routine, making the brain more alert and attentive. It sharpens focus, improves performance and boosts creativity.

Importance of Sleep


Sleeping well means more to our overall well-being than simply avoiding irritability. It helps promote emotional stability. A research conducted by health experts showed that people who lacked sleep exhibited symptoms of extreme stress and irritability during their daily tasks. Lack of sleep also increases risk of blood pressure. Even minor annoyances can suddenly seem more menacing or unmanageable after skipping or shortening a night of sleep.

Not only stress, inadequate sleep is also a cause for depression in youth. The more practiced your sleep cycle is, the more healthy you can be – physically, mentally and emotionally.


After a long day of work, your body and mind tend to be tired. Sleep provides them with the necessary rest to gear themselves for the next day. While you are asleep, your body undergoes few primary functions such as, healing the damaged cells, recharging the heart and cardiovascular system and importantly recovering your muscles and other vital parts from the day’s activities.  This is why you feel rejuvenated and fresh when you wake up from a good sleep. Sleep also helps boost your metabolism and weight, inadequate sleep results in unhealthy weight loss.

You cannot compensate for the lost sleep by catching up on sleep during weekends. Sleeping too little and a tad more, both are unhealthy. It’s all about finding the right balance. A minimum of 6-8 hours sleep is essential. So, eat healthy and sleep healthy for your well being!


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