How To Stay Fit in the Summer

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Article on Tips Ease-to-follow help you Stay fit in the Summer. These ideas should steer you right through the end of an active summer. Don’t let the heat of the summer get to you. It’s essential to be hydrated in summers because it’s likely for you to not have access to water all the time.

Here are few ways how you can Stay fit in the Summer:


*Always carry a water bottle, and if you have desk job, always keep one at your desk.
*When you’re feeling frazzled or hazy, grab a glass of cold water.
Studies show that people instantly feel more alert after drinking H2O.

Stay fit in the Summer

Stay Hydrated with Summer


*Not only does it help prevent skin cancer, but it’s also been proven to slow down your aging process.
* Sun poisoning or skin burning can lead to extreme dehydration so always use an SPF that suits your skin.
*Wear breathable material, preferably cotton that absorbs sweat and keeps you comfortable.

Dark colors absorb the heat, which can make you feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. Heavyweight, tight-fitting clothing will also heat you up. Keep it loose. Keep it light. More air will be able to circulate over your skin, keeping you cool.


Another Important way is Stay Fit in the Summer – Eating certain food during summer will replenish your cells and boost you. Here a some Following.

*Lime Juice

Juicing for Weight Loss had better way. Nothing says summer like fresh Lime Juice. And did you know that two antioxidants-lutein and zeaxanthin-in Lime Juice may act like natural sunglasses, helping to form macular pigment that filters out some of the sun’s damaging rays? It’s true.

Stay Fit in the Summer

Lemon Juice Summer Season


* A cup of iced coffee

Who knew right ? Heads up to all the caffeine lovers out there. An iced pick-me-up is a great way to start your summer mornings. Better yet: drinking a single cup of coffee daily may lower your risk of developing skin cancer.


There’s no question that sunscreen should be your first line of defense against the blazing summer sun. But eating tomatoes could give you a little extra protection: consuming more lycopene-the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red-may protect your skin from sunburn.


Staying hydrated keeps your memory sharp and your mood stable. It also helps keep your body cool (by sweating) during hot summer months. The good news is that you don’t just have to drink water. You can eat it, too: in addition to delivering skin-protecting lycopene, watermelon is 92 percent water (hence the name). Best Summer Fruits are Discussed in another Article.


* Don’t load yourself up. Summer’s just not the time

Know when to ease up, especially if you’re traveling to hot and humid climates you’re unaccustomed to. Chances are, you won’t be able to exercise at the intensity you normally do, and that’s okay.

*Increase the time gradually

If you normally run, walk or jog. If you walk, slow your pace. As your body adapts to the heat, gradually pick up the pace and length of your workout.

* Avoid the hottest part of the day

Of course you don’t want to be barbecued.
Rise early to catch the cool of the morning, or go out at sunset or later. In the heat of midday (typically between 10 am and 4 pm) take cover under shade. Jump in a pool. Sign up for an aqua-aerobics class. And carry a fan/spray bottle for skin surface cooling.


Stay Fit in the Summer

Stress Less – Lose Weight


Drinking too much water, called over hydration, can lead to hyponatremia (low blood sodium). Reduce Talwalkars – Home based Weight Loss Products. To stay hydrated but not overly so, here is our general guideline: Drink during and after exercise and other physical activities. At other times of the day, drink when thirsty.

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