Foods to avoid at Night

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“You are what you eat” – is a popular quote that everybody sticks by. When it comes to dinner time, the popular notion is that, skipping a meal will help you lose weight, on the contrary it doesn’t. The truth is, even though eating after 6:00 p.m. doesn’t directly affect weight loss, late-night snacking often leads to overeating which leads to weight gain. The best choice would be to eat a balanced diet and foods that are greasy, fat-filled, sugary and high on carbohydrates should be avoided. The following is a short list of foods that you need to avoid at night:


Pasta is a quick choice for the night but it’s not the ideal dinner. It has a high value of carbohydrates and all the additional ingredients added to make your pasta delicious, also take a toll on your weight. Also, most pastas have a high glycemic index, which causes a fluctuation in your blood sugar levels at night and adds extra weight to your body.


Feasting on these triangular pieces of ecstasy loaded with cheese and topped with your favourite toppings might seem delightful for the night, but that’s exactly where you are going wrong. Your stomach, like the rest of your body, would love to relax when most of the other organs are at rest, too, but pizza isn’t exactly a light meal. Your tummy will have to get extremely busy to digest that enormous carb intake. The layer of tomato sauce can also add to an acid reflux which might make you stay up all night. It’s always better to avoid eating pizzas at night, no matter how tempting they look. A single slice might do no harm but let’s be honest, have you ever stopped at a single slice?


Vegetables are always healthy source of food, but however this one particular vegetable that you’ll definitely want to avoid. Celery (Sivari keerai in tamil) is a diuretic, meaning it will make you take those multiple trips to the washroom, spoiling your sleep thus hindering multiple body repair processes.


Meat is high on protein which is your body’s most required nutrition. It turns out that eating meat at night is not advisable. Eating meat at dinner will cause your body to go into an overdrive to break it down for digestion. Instead, eating meat at breakfast or lunch is recommended, which gives your body the rest of the day to break it down properly. It doesn’t imply that meat needs to be completely avoided, eating meat in small proportions would mean no harm to your body and will leave your sleep cycle undisturbed.


Spicy, peppery foods might upset your stomach, and the chemicals in spicy food can also stimulate your senses, making it hard to fall asleep. Even if you can eat spicy foods without discomfort, they are still linked with more time spent awake during the night and taking longer to fall asleep as the ingredient present in chilli peppers interferes with your body temperature, and can also cause indigestion.
Eating the right food at night is extremely important. The food you eat has an effect on your sleep cycle and a good night’s sleep is vital for the proper functioning of our body. So eat right, sleep tight and stay healthy!

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