How to Dress Well When You’re Overweight

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The list of your worries doesn’t seem to getting any shorter when you are overweight. You can’t stop wondering how to keep your potential health complications away, how to lose weight fast, how to find the right dress for the next important social gathering or party. Yes, putting together a stylish wardrobe can be quite daunting if you are overweight but it doesn’t mean you should give up hope. With the right suggestions and guidance, you will be able to find the right dress and receive warm, complimenting gazes on the eventful evening.
The Essential Guidelines for Selecting the Right Dress if You’re Overweight
 Learn using the colour and pattern of a dress in your favour. Dresses with darker shades and smaller patterns help you appear slimmer.
 Opt for undergarments that fit you well.
 Choose clothes that have the right fit and will hug your body at the right places.
 Finally, no matter what you choose, put it on with confidence, so that you can carry it well.
Tricks to Highlight or Hide Certain Body Areas
The body shape of overweight people is broadly categorised into two types – pear-shaped, which means lower part of your body is relatively heavier than the upper one; and apple-shaped, which implies upper body part is heavier than the lower. Remember these tips while dressing according to your body shape:
 If you have an apple shaped body, well-fitted tops in dark tones and small prints, A-line tunics, V-neck tees, and fitted shirts in waist length are great choices.
 For apple figures, bottom wears with flares such as boot-cut jeans, palazzo pants, and culottes etc. are perfect ways to balance out their heavy upper half.
 Pear shaped bodies are characterised by a narrow waist and comparatively slimmer torso. You can experiment with a lot of different styles of tops. Accessories like belts and chunky pendants can help you draw attention away from your problem areas.
 If you are pear shaped, choose dark coloured pants/skirt for the lower part of your body. Straight-fit jeans, cigarette pants, and fitted trousers will look great on you.
 If you prefer your clothes with stripes, make sure they are either diagonal or vertical, because horizontal stripes will make you appear heavy.
More Tips to Hide a Heavy Bottom
 Opt for custom made garments over readymade ones. This will ensure a better fit.
 Denims are a wardrobe staple but you need to be careful when buying one. Look for a pair of straight-cut denims with a dark wash. And, avoid heavy embellishments or large pockets.
 Women who love skirts should go for A-line cut instead of pencil skirts. Pair such skirts with fitted tops. This will hide your heavy bottom and create a more balanced look.

More Tips to Make Your Upper Body Appear Slimmer
 Tailored upper garments, such as shirts and tops should be preferred over readymade options.
 If you are a dress-lover, a ‘bodycon’ dress is a must-have for you. With a black or navy panel sides, these dresses create an illusion of a smaller waist and is currently one of the most-loved trends by fashionistas around the world.
 Stay away from closed or round necklines. Also, avoid large prints, patterns, or embellishments. V-neck tees, boat-neck tops, simple tunics made from light fabrics such as chiffon and georgette are great options for you.
Finally, you need to remember that finding the right dress that makes you look slimmer isn’t a permanent solution to the problem of being overweight. Selection of an appropriate wardrobe based on the above-mentioned tips may help you appear fabulous for one evening. But if you want to feel fabulous and healthy everyday throughout the rest of your life, start exercising and follow a healthy diet.

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