Common Health Mistakes Everyone Makes

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Everyone makes mistakes. They’re part of what makes us Human. It’s however risky when we continually make mistakes that adversely affect our health and well being. Common health mistakes like smoking and excessive drinking can seriously affect our health negatively. These are some common health mistakes you should avoid for better health and well being.

1. Smoking Socially
While you might assume that smoking on a few nights out might be harmless, you stand the risk of getting addicted to nicotine. Effects of nicotine can include increased heart rate, increase in blood sugar levels and increased nervous system activity. And that’s if it’s cigarettes you’re smoking. Marijuana contains 3 times the amount of tar as tobacco and up to 5 times the carbon monoxide content.

2. Excess Caffeine Intake
Taking too much coffee can lead to your body producing excess adrenaline, causing you to feel constantly alert, nervy and edgy. It could also increase your heart rate, cause stomach upsets and affect your sleep pattern. If you’re drinking lattes or cappuccinos, you’re also taking in a large amount of calories.

3. Keeping Stress Bottled Up
Keeping your stress hidden under the surface may not be the best way to deal with it. Stress has been linked to a heart disease, high blood pressure and weight gain. Learn to deal with stress by developing coping mechanisms.

4. Picking The Gym Over Daily Activity
Going to the gym a few hours a day is really no substitute for engaging in actual physical activity. Research indicates that gym-goers lose fewer calories a day than people who are physically active throughout the day.

5. Binge Drinking
Regardless of if you skip alcohol throughout the rest of the week, drinking a week’s ration of alcohol in one sitting is a bad idea. By binge drinking, you’re putting your liver through intense work. Binge drinking has also been linked to hypertension, heart disease and poor bone health etc.

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