5 Bad Habits That Make You Fatter

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“Old habits die hard”, goes a saying. But sometimes, being victims of these habits could come at a price — weight gain, for instance. Often, knowingly or unknowingly we end up doing things that derail our weight loss plan or sabotage our efforts to stay lean. So if you’re piling on kilos despite eating healthy and working out, it’s time to identify some bad habits that may be causing your weight gain.

Here are 5 bad habits you should eliminate from your lifestyle today!

1. Missing Your Meals

People often tend to skip meals when trying to lose weight. Experts are strongly against this practice because it does more harm than good. By missing meals, you are actually slowing down your metabolic system and slow metabolic rate means additional calorie storage in the system. A study conducted by one of the world’s top epidemiology centers has proven that people, who skip at least one meal a day, are at 4.5 times greater risk of being obese compared to those who never miss their meals.

2. Quick To Eat, Quick To Fat

Do you know why youngsters these days are suffering from obesity related problems in large numbers? Sociological researchers have found out that that huge pressure in the professional or academic field is pushing them to focus more on work rather than relishing their food. In addition, they are often preoccupied with mobile or high-definition games and wish to go back to their gaming stations real soon. Owing to these factors, they tend to finish food quickly. The problem with fast eating is that people often end up consuming more food than required. Normally it takes 20 minutes for your physical system to realize that you are full. A recent research has shown that people who eat slowly and relish their food end up consuming at least 1/3 less than quick eaters.

3. Big Bites, More Fat

Large bites of food may give you the satisfaction of eating but it is one of the major reasons for storing unwanted calorie in your system. Clinical studies have found that people who prefer taking large bites on their food, end up consuming up to 52% more calorie than those who prefer cutting their food to small pieces.

4. Filler Food During Eat Outs

Filler food or complimentary items that restaurants offer alongside the main course that you ordered are a great source of unwanted calorie. You may feel that these items are adding value to your investment but in reality you are actually consuming up to 500 extra calories. If you really love fillers but are planning to lose weight fast naturally, order fresh vegetables that are chopped up and served as a salad.

5. Staying Away From Daily Physical Activities

These days most people don’t have the time to take a walk through the park or meet their neighbours beyond the front lawn. Avoiding physical activities that are as normal as these — let alone planned fitness routines — are the #1 reason why you may find it difficult to lose weight after a certain point. You need to get your body to utilize the consumed calories throughout the day, not just during those one or two hours you spend at the gym.

Which of these bad habits are you guilty of?

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