3 Steps to Lose Upto 4Kg Weight in a Month

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In most of the cases whenever any occasion looms in the distance, our top priority becomes to shed those extra kilos. So in order to achieve the desired target of losing weight the involvement of sustainable habits that can be maintained are very important. Burning of calories through workout and reducing the amount of calorie intake is no doubt the most important practice to follow. A lot of things depend on the intensity of the workout which plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the exercise program that is being followed.


Well here arises a question that how much weight an individual can lose in a month. So the answer to that is, it depends on a lot of factors like- the current body weight of the person, his or her diet and exercise intensity. But if some healthy modifications are done in the diet of a person along with the calorie intake and exercise he or she can easily lose up to 4 kg of weight.


A lot of people try to lose weight just by focusing on a healthy diet and not giving any importance to workout. But that is not the right practice to follow physical exercises play a key role by not only shedding the extra kilos but also boost the mind and increase skin tone.


Below mentioned are some of the important steps that can be very helpful in losing extra kilos within a month-


  • Cut down your daily calorie intake. To lose weight it is important to cut down the total amount of calorie consumed per day. Studies say that cutting out between 600-700 calories each day can be very effective in losing up to 1 kg weight in a week. This number can be increased if exercise is also combined with it.


To keep check healths trackers can be very effective to give an idea. An important point to follow is that do not decrease the calorie intake below 1200 daily. Most of the people reduce their diet to a great extent which affects the body.


  • Consume lean protein when you have your meal. We all know that protein plays a key role in losing weight quickly and that is why it’s an essential nutrient in every diet. It keeps our body satisfied for a longer period of time with less food and increases metabolism. To lose weight more efficiently it is good to have around 100 g of protein with every meal. Some foods that contain lean protein are- seafood, legumes, eggs, low-fat dairy products lean pork etc.


  • Prefer eating lot of fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories and high in fiber and other nutrients. One of their biggest health benefits is that they add bulk to the meal without adding excess calories. Try to include one or two fruits per meal. Drinking enough amount of water after meal is also very important for good health and weight loss. Having good amount of water helps in decreasing hunger for most of the day.


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